Strategic Social Partners has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire privately-held Kraupp Inc.
May 21, 2018 - by Blog Post, Community News

IDAHO FALLS, ID May 21, 2018 — Strategic Social Partners has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire privately-held Kraupp Inc., an award winning website design and development agency. Kraupp Inc. is one of the premier web agencies in Eastern Idaho with clients ranging from small businesses to nonprofit organizations and enterprise level startups. This acquisition accelerates Strategic Social Partner’s growth strategy, deepens the company’s technology capability and elevates its leadership position in all around digital marketing solutions for its clients.

Innovative Technology Process

Idaho Falls-based Kraupp Inc. provides award winning analysis, design, development and implementation strategies for it’s clients as well as branding and visual design elements. Using stable and state of the art technology to ensure all client websites are responsively designed and content management solutions are integrated allows for lower startup costs and easier online management for small business owners, nonprofits and enterprise level businesses to scale their online presence.

Strategic Social Partners offers complete marketing solutions to help launch and grow business’ social platform, successfully manage multi-national social ad campaigns and ultimately catapult sales for small business owners and SMB’s.

“Strategic Social Partners set out on a mission to become the clear leader in consumer behavior and digital marketing. With the acquisition of Kraupp Inc., we are now uniquely positioned to lead the market,” said Strategic Social Partners President Ryan Harris. “By combining Strategic Social Partner’s rapidly growing digital marketing client list, with Kraupp Inc., a web design and development organization with a national footprint, we will be able to leverage all technology assets to increase our client’s return-on-investment and immediate advertising profitability. Our new organization represents a set of strategic, technology and leadership assets that deliver the best results for our clients.”

Strategic Social Partners + Kraupp Inc. Set New Standard

Industry source We Are Social shows 3.196 billion global social media users in 2018, equaling 42% penetration. The obvious rapid growth in social media usage has lead to a shift in consumer and buyer research behavior. This shift proves true with Strategic Social Partners 406% growth in 2017. Utilizing state of the art social marketing tactics, now paired with award winning user interface design and conversion rate optimization strategies, Strategic Social Partners has leveraged and increased the touchpoints for its clients to control the traffic generation to lead conversion strategy.

“Strategic Social Partner’s acquisition of Kraupp Inc. has been a whirlwind of excitement and nerves as well as appreciation for what we’ll accomplish for our clients. This last week I’ve felt like I’m living an episode of Shark Tank. Starting my business at 16 years old and now being able to merge with the thought leaders of social, I am forever grateful and thankful for the journey so far as well as what’s to come.” said Tyler Kraupp, previous founder and CEO of Kraupp Inc. and newly hired Director of Technology with Strategic Social Partners.

Mr. Kraupp has over 11 years of experience as a technology leader and entrepreneur and now joins Strategic Social Partners as Director of Technology. He is also a board member for Breaking Boundaries and an avid supporter of the College of Eastern Idaho Foundation. 

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