Social Media & Your Business

Social Media & Your Business
April 17, 2019 - by Blog Post, Business, Marketing

Social Media Marketing is not new to business, in fact, it has been the driving force behind growing and creating many new businesses over the past ten years. As social media continues to lead in entertainment, networking, communication, and community, the necessity of it for businesses continues to grow stronger.

We receive many questions about social media and how it can impact different markets or styles of business, today, we want to share with you how powerful social media can be when done correctly.

How do businesses use social media?

We’ve updated our status, load images, and watches for comments and likes on our personal feeds, but how does social media work for your business?

Instead of connecting with friends and family, when you use social media as a business, you must connect with current and potential customers/clients. Social media is the new channel for efficient communication, as a business, you are having a conversation with customers before they even walk into your office or store.

Advertising used to be very one-sided; ads, commercials, but now marketing is about having a conversation with your live audience. It is no longer about telling them what you can do, but listening to their needs, their struggles and helping your customers fulfill their needs.

How does social media help business growth?

If you could keep in touch with your customers after they have left your business, why wouldn’t you? Your customers will be your biggest advocates, so keep that connection strong, current, fresh in their minds.

Social media allows you to keep tabs on trends, current concerns, and communicate changes and updates from within your business. When you are actively engaged in social media, the platform algorithms increase your organic reach as well, meaning more people (similar to your followers) will be introduced to your content.

What is the difference between paid ads and organic posts, and how do they impact business?

There are several layers to social media and the more of them you use, the larger your reach and engagement. What this means is that the more you use it and use the tools available, the more people who will see your business page and your content.

Paid ads are extremely powerful and influential to businesses. Rather than running paid ads with a single placement and a blanket audience; social media ads give you the capability to target your audience down to the specific attributes about who they are and what hobbies and employment they have.

In addition to specific targeting, social media ad campaigns provide detailed analytics about the behavior of the audience as well as the performance of each individual ad. It gives you the knowledge and insights to know exactly how and where your marketing budget is being spent.

Organic posting is the management of your daily feeds. These posts are referred to as a “status update”. This content is more casual and focused on the daily events and updates of the business. They should be behind-the-scenes, informative (without a pitch), and fun. Social media is about being engaging and entertaining.

Businesses who are actively involved with their customers through social media see an increase in loyal customers, continued growth, and community involvement.

Are paid ads more lucrative than organic posting?

As we mentioned earlier, the more involved with social media platforms you are, the more return you will see. Both activities are very important to have a healthy, engaging online presence.

Through our many years of ad management, the clients who have both organic social media management services and ad campaigns see their numbers increase. The two sides of social media management feed the momentum behind all of the content.

Businesses certainly can do one without the other, but consider this. If you were trying to spread a fire, how would it spread the fastest while lasting the longest? You would most likely use both kindling and gasoline; if you used just kindling, it would burn longer and wouldn’t spread as quickly. Or if you used fuel without kindling it would spread quickly then promptly burn out. You need both to keep the flames and fire strong and moving.

The same ideas can be applied to social media; both organic posts and paid ads will help you build your audience, spread your brand awareness and result in quality and loyal customers.

If you have additional questions about social media or the services Strategic Social Partners can offer your business, please reach out to us today. We offer everyone a free consult to help review your business, your goals, and your plan to achieve them.

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