Is Video Content a Must?

Is Video Content a Must?
April 17, 2019 - by Blog Post, Branding, Creative, Marketing


The past 4 years of marketing and social media has taken a huge transition to video content and it is only going to become more innovative. Getting comfortable in front of a camera is a must.

Video content isn’t just the “new thing”, it is directly correlated to the connection people have to brands and products. When a customer is preparing to make a purchase, they go through a series of emotions and steps that eventually lead them to check out.

How does video impact my audience?

In this series of steps people also look for validation in their buying decision; sometimes that comes from a friend or relative, sometimes it comes from a referral or from an employee. When people can see a face and can engage with them (even through a social media platform), they are building a connection.

Video production brings your brand, service or product to life. Video tells a story, ignites emotion, and resonates. If you recall the most memorable commercials or videos you’ve seen, they most likely were entertaining or ignited an emotion in you. In fact, some of those commercials are probably for brands you’ve never even purchased.

How and when to use video content?

With a variety of platforms and ways to publish video, how do you know when and where to utilize it? Ask yourself this question, “Is the message you want to share going to make a bigger impact by showing instead of telling?” If so, video is the answer. Posts and copy will always be an efficient way to communicate quick details. If you want to share a story or experience, communicate an emotion, or engage an audience, video assets are often times the most effective and influencial format available.

If you are debating about when to post video content over other content, consider the times of the day and week that your audience is most engaged. When are they more likely to watch your video and respond or take action? Part of including video assets is building your brand and sharing your story with your audience and community. Make sure whatever you create holds true and communicates your brand as much as it does the message you are sharing.

Written by Chelsey Eddins

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