Healing Field

Healing Field
October 27, 2018 - by Blog Post, Community News

I was in high school. I had just finished an early morning dance rehearsal. Still energized from the exercise, I headed into my AP English class excited to discuss our latest reading assignment.

Something was different, I could feel the tension as soon as I entered the room. The tv turned on, my class was watching the news, time stood still.

I didn’t understand. I couldn’t comprehend. I just felt fear and sadness permeate my soul.

Terrorists. Hijacked airplanes. Thousands dead. America was under attack.

9/11 was a painful tragedy for our country. One that, as a teenager I lived through but didn’t really experience. Years later I came to work for the Colonial Flag Company in Sandy, Utah. I learned about the non-profit foundation associated with the company and new I had to be a part of it. Helping to post fields of flags to honor the victims seemed like a worthy cause, plus it was a great job with awesome people – so win/win! Little did I know what an impact it would make on me.

I will always remember my first time walking through that field full of American Flags honoring the victims of that day. It was a moment that deeply changed me, not only because I felt the sorrow for the lives that were lost, but connecting with the emotion of how I felt that same day, years ago. It healed part of me that I didn’t know was wounded.

We all have unknown wounds to heal, we all have experiences that need remembering… and some forgetting. Through community involvement and through service as businesses and individuals, we can come together to achieve beautiful things. I’m growing up a bit I guess and seeing these types of opportunities as more than just a great job, or an individual moment… they can change the world, it changed mine.

Now that I work in the digital marketing field and through my experiences for the past few years, I can’t help but think – how would what I know now affect what I was able to do then? How could I have shared that incredible moment with others? I know how to have people join me on facebook live and broadcast worldwide, I know how to increase audiences and allow people that would be helped by something good have that opportunity. I can invovle others in the world that can’t make it to a field and allow them to taste of the experience I had. I can share.

We can find ways to share while cherishing personal experiences in our hearts. What wonderful opportunities are before us!

Written by Debbie Nott

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