Giving Back
April 17, 2019 - by Blog Post, Community News

Why I volunteer.. It’s about giving back, being involved and making connections. What I do to give back will never be enough to compensate for the new skills, joy, connections and friendships I have received throughout the years.

I get an opportunity to learn new skills, I interact with a mix of personalities and all while adjusting to life outside of my comfort zone. This all adds up and helps to improve my teamwork, leadership, problem-solving and people skills.

I have a chance to make an impact.  It gives me the opportunity to be apart of something bigger than myself and use my civic responsibility to empower people and hopefully impact their lives for good.

Try finding ways to give back in your community.

I get to make real connections with people in my community. Volunteering allows me to meet people from all walks of life. It gives me the chance to form real relationships that can have a lasting impact on my life and theirs.
I get inspired when I volunteer. I use volunteering as a reason to get out of old routine and help me figure out what my next steps will be when I return to my office. Taking a break, putting my life into perspective and learning about other people’s lives first might inspire an idea or spark an interest.

I learn more about my community and humanity when I step outside my office. Besides, it’s fun, and it feels good! 

Written by Charlie Benson

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