Facebook Pixel IMW #16

Facebook Pixel IMW #16
April 30, 2018 - by Blog Post, Podcasts, Webinar

Facebook Pixel (FBP) in general can help you build audiences. Pixels can tell you who is coming to your site to help you create an audience that already likes what you are sharing and or selling.  That audience can help in building an audience or look a like audience on Facebook to help generate new leads for your product sales. Watch the video today for more information about Pixels and how best to us them for your business.


What is Facebook Pixel?

A tracking mechanism that you add to your site or landing page, to help you track those people who are coming to your site. The FBP can tell you  who is coming and learning and how you can create long term consumers.

Why do you use a pixel?

FBP collects data for who is coming to your website and learn about them.

Adding the FBP is easy and can give you data you can not get any other place.  Even if you don’t have plans to use the information still add it to have the information in the future. That information gives you warm leads for future projects.

Pixel v. Google analytics

Pixels allows you to agrigate the data to Facebook creating an audience aroudn the onw you already have.

Google Analytics allows you to gather the data to Google. Information may include where they are coming from, how they found you and how long they stayed on your site.

You need both!

Put Pixel everywhere. Anywhere you have people looking at your site or product you need a pixel for tracking.

Do it today!

Download the extension, FBP helper and check your website. Be sure Pixel is up and running your site gathering important information about potential customers.

Facebook Pixel video tutorial information www.strategicsocialpartners.com

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To watch the webinar fromthe beginning check out the Social Media Revolution

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