Facebook Creator Intro IMW#18

Facebook Creator Intro IMW#18
May 14, 2018 - by Blog Post, Webinar

Facebook Creator is changing the way we do live video. Do you use Facebook live to share information, promote products or just share your business story? Then you need Facebook Creator to step up your Live videos! Check out our webinar to set up, creation and tips to make your Facebook video great!

Facebook favors businesses who use Creator.  Plan a day each week, schedual an event on FB for live and do it once a week. Facebook will love you and show they love by better reach.  FB notifies your followers to watch.

Use Portrait view only in Facebook. Facebook favors portrait view.

Use Unlicensed music on your intro Apps like Film Maker pro & Quick are great to work with. Use Google to search for Music to use on Facebook and have lots of choices that work for you.

Set up your business page and a Video Creator.

Create a 30-50 second intro. You can also create stickers for your followers to use durning your Live feed. Instead of a heart or smiley you can add whatever youwant.  Use your logo or special images for followers to show their love.

Go Live! Spend some time going live.  Get your business out there.

Be sure you go back to answer any questions to comments. Sometimes you can breathe new life into a past video.  All comments can help boost your video views and followers.

Keep syndicating!!

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Reach out to Lacey and Be Social to learn more.

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