Ryan Harris Chief Executive Officer

Ryan Harris – CEO

Ryan Harris, the Chief Executive Officer of Strategic Social Partners, has an amazing passion for Social Media and how it can a business.  Ryan’s understanding of Social Media comes from years of testing and trying creative strategies that have proven successful over and over again.

Ryan thrives on finding strategic Social Media solutions for companies that are looking to take their company to the next level and tell their stories using Social Media.   Understanding that Social Media is a story telling process, Ryan specializes in helping companies identify what the story they want to tell is, and then how to effectively translate the story to potential clients and customers.

Having years of background not only in Social Media but also in Sales, Ryan Harris has the capability of helping companies execute a companies sales strategies by taking a customer from the initial point of contact, and harnishing the relationship, providing endless value, and ultimately generating a paying customer.

Ryan’s processes have proven to yield great success for many companies over the last many years, ranging from small business to very large successful business.

Ryan enjoys spending time learning all of the details of a business and with a background of Sales can generate more leads for companies through the use of Social Media Advertising, Sales Funnels, and many other traditional and non-traditional sales tactics.

Ryan has spent years educating individuals and businesses on the proper strategies to take short term strategies and turn them into long term wins.

Ryan’s passion for Social Media is evident in his presentation.  He has been on many stages teaching and training the fundamental of how to properly use Social Media.



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