Mitch Adams Chief Operations Officer

Mitch Adams COO

Mitch Adams is the Chief Operations Officer and is an extremely valuable asset to Strategic Social Partners.  Mitch has a brilliant mind and works hard to make sure each of our clients are very well taken care of.

Mitch has become one of the top analysts with regards to all things Facebook – whether its Facebook Ads, Facebook Insights, Facebook Custom Audiences or just generating revenue via Facebook he is the go to.  Mitch has created and run thousands of dollars of Facebook Ads for our clients with great results returning an investment quickly with our clients.

Over the past year Mitch has also taken on a huge roll and has become as Sales Funnel Strategist.  From the strategic conception of Sales Funnels, to the creation of Sales Funnels, to the execution of Sales Funnels for our team and for our clients, Mitch has a great handle on any aspect of the funnel.  He has studied Leadpages, Omniport and very efficient in Clickfunnels Sales Funnel Development.

He had studied and executed strategy after strategy to create successful Key Performance Indicators for companies.

For more on his background and expertise feel free to check out his bio on LinkedIN.



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