Social Media Education

We believe in Social Media Education for businesses and empowering people/companies to be able to perform Social Media for themselves and their companies. We have education courses varying in level of difficulty and expertise. We can educate those that don’t even have a personal Facebook account and those that already have a couple thousand followers on Social Media. There is always more to learn.

Courses we offer:

  • Social Media 101 – The Power of Social for a business TODAY!
    • Facebook – We have figured out over the last few years the the biggest reason people struggle with doing Social Media is the fact that they do not know where to start.  They understand that everyone is on Social Media but they do not know how to reach potential customers to turn them into paying customers.  Because of this, we teach businesses how to properly set up their Facebook Business Pages or a Facebook Personal page with the following information:
      • About section
      • Review All Settings
      • Understanding Insights on a page
      • Understand the difference between Organic Reach and Paid Reach
      • Linking to personal page
      • Joining groups – We teach strategies for joining the RIGHT groups for a business and how to provide value in those groups for success.
      • Joining conversations
      • Creating groups
      • What to post
      • When to post
      • Facebook Advertising
    • Instagram
      • Setting it up
      • Using links
      • Using hashtags
      • Selling from Instagram
    • Other Social Accounts
      • What are they for
      • How can you use them
      • How to set them up
    • Building an Email List
    • Making Sales on Social Media
      • Sales Funnel Processes – How to convert potential customers into paying customers.
      • We discuss the Value Ladder process and how to identify the product and/or service that is offered.