Social Media Consulting:

One of the biggest concerns for companies in today’s Marketing World is the realization that the dynamics of marketing are changing so rapidly that it is extremely hard to keep up with the best way to effectively connect and communicate with potential and existing customers.

Storytelling through Social Media is no longer a nice thing that some people do…. It’s a must, if you, as a business will ever succeed in connecting authentically with your customer base.

We work hand in hand to provide companies with a strategic Social Media Consulting plans of action, incorporating current marketing/advertising strategies with online/Social Marketing Strategies to create a well rounded plan of attack for businesses to expand and capitalize on their already established brands.

We recognize that companies have an in-house marketing team with people who run the Social Media arm of the business.  We also recognize many companies do not have a clear plan of execution with Social Media because those in positions of decision do not fully understand it’s power. We work hand in hand with management to help gain an overall understanding of Social Media Consulting and how it can bring Value to your business.

We provide consulting to meet the needs of your company.  The following are areas we focus in to help you further develop your brand and create an execution strategy long term.

  • We provide a strategic plan of action for social media.
  • We help create structure through an editorial calendar, social media calendar.
  • We provide support to companies on how to set up social media profiles.
  • We provide support on identifying the proper social media platforms for best business success and give strategic direction on how to best accomplish goals.
  • We teach principles of how to acquire more emails and further teach strategies for developing success through email marketing ideas.
  • We teach strategies for continual email marketing tactics.
  • We provide support to sales processes through the means of social media.
  • We teach companies through our Education Platform on how to best set up and position their businesses.

Whether you are new company looking for direction with your Social Media efforts, or a mid-large company looking to create a better plan of execution, we at Strategic Social Partners are here to help.