Social Media Services – What every business OUGHT to know about Social Media!  

Is it Really Possible to Measure the ROI of Social Media?  

Over the last many years we have come across many Web Design companies, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) companies and Marketing and Advertising Agencies who all profess to understand Social Media and how to best utilize Social Media Services for businesses.  We have found, however, that the – Jack of All Trades Master of None – approach in the online digital space has not been the best approach for companies that are really searching ways to reach their customers using Social Media Services.

Now don’t take this wrong, some companies have done a very good job at it if they have allocated adequate resources (time and money) to really understand the intricacies of the Social Media world.  However,  what we have found is most companies are not performing to the proper level to where companies are yielding a Return on Investment from the time and money they are spending on Social Media.

Companies are then left with the feeling of “I have spent quite a bit of money with company A or company B and still have yet to see a return on my investment.”  We feel your pain.  We talk with clients on a day to day basis that feel the same way.


One thing we have learned is that in order to create an amazing Social Media build, there HAS to be a plan of action in place!  Not just a plan to post, and try to create engagements, but a long term PLAN of action to create LONG TERM RESULTS!  It takes time and effort on both parts to create a Strategics Social Media Plan of Action.  Here is a quick little guide to help you measure where you stand with your Social Media Game plan.


We find daily, companies that work with the types of companies described above are left more frustrated then they were before.  One of the reasons is that may not fully understand the value of fully understanding and focusing specifically on just one area of emphasis.  As a matter of fact, it’s like taking your car to a tire shop and expecting them to do oil changes, routine checkups, maintenance work and warranty work on your vehicle.  It just doesn’t work.


We sit down with ever one of our clients and in about 3-4 hours we help them identify a gameplan that can change the nature of their Social Media Build.

We then take this Game plan and put it into execution through our Social Media Management Services or our Social Media Consulting Services.

We further take you through the sales funnel process of converting followers into paying customers through Social Media Services, Landing Pages, Email Drip Campaigns and many others strategies that hep you further convert your follower-ship into paying customers.

We have a solid understanding of the following Social Media Platforms:

  • Facebook Passion Pages – Building a Passion around your Target Markets Passions.
  • Facebook Groups  – Create a group of people that LOVE your brand and become Ambassadors for you!
  • Facebook Business Pages – Figure the best way to Tell Your Story in the noisy environment of Facebook.
  • Facebook Ads  – Identify target markets, create custom audiences, position ads to best reach your ultimate customer.
  • Instagram Pages – Help you gain a larger follower-ship through the effective use of Influencers, Hashtags, and automated strategies.
  • Instagram Ads – Identify best ways to reach customers through images.
  • Twitter Pages  
  • Twitter Ads
  • Pinterest Pages
  • Periscope
  • SnapChat
  • YouTube 
  • YouTube Marketing
  • MeerKat


We recognize that Social Media is a POWERFUL way of connecting and communicating with your customers and our ultimate goal is to help you meet these customers where they are!

We at R&A Social find value in helping companies come up with strategic plans and sound principles to
reach their customers.  We focus primarily on both Social Media consulting and management.  Click on the links below to find out what is contained in the scope of work for each.

This is for companies that do not have the time nor resources to adequately provide proper social media practices and principles.
For people that already have someone in your business taking care of Social Media, but want to take your efforts to the next level.
This is a great starting point if you just want to learn what Social Media is all about.

These are a few of the services we provide for your best success.  How we differentiate ourselves from
any other Social Media Consulting and Management companies is that we understand Social Media and
how to execute Marketing Strategies and sales tactics to your business.  

We are happy to sit down with you and further discuss how we can best support you and your business
through our social media efforts. For specific questions feel free to contact us.