Social Media Ads Management

Increase exposure – decrease advertising budget

Facebook Ads and other Social Platforms have quickly become one of the most effective and budget friendly means of reaching your target audience with paid ads. In addition, you will be able to prove and see your results by tracking what specific leads and sales came from your efforts here.

With Social Media ads, you can also create a powerful customer journey through which you can create awareness, then give them more education, and then ask for the sale. By guiding people through the natural progression of sales, you are able to capture and pull more people to you than with traditional means.


How much do Social Media Ads cost?

The fee for the Social Platform can really be whatever you want – from $5/day up to $10,000/day. The amount we recommend you to spend will depend on a variety of factors from market size to your individual goals. The important thing is that you can start small.

What if I only want to target people close to my business?

That is a perfect example of the targeting power on some Social Platforms. We can help you pinpoint your address and add a radius from 1 to 50 miles around that point to only advertise people that are there.

What types of ads will we put out?

This will depend on your goals. As we start with you, we will start with your goals, and then create a plan of action to reach these goals. In addition, it typically doesn’t cost much to get the creative for your ad like it might for a billboard or something.

Increased and Quantifiable Return on Investment

Get mass exposure to the right people

Save on Ad costs when compared to traditional advertising

Know what’s working and what’s not from powerful analytics

Have questions? Looking for more than just a launch? Whether it’s help with ads, general social media strategy, or just want to collaborate, we can tailor a custom package specifically for your needs.

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