Social Media Consulting

facilitate in building and telling your story on Social Media.

One of the biggest concerns for companies in today’s Marketing World is the realization that the dynamics of marketing are changing so rapidly that it is extremely hard to keep up with the best way to effectively connect and communicate with potential and existing customers.

Storytelling through Social Media is no longer a nice thing that some people do…. It’s a must, if you, as a business will ever succeed in connecting authentically with your customer base.

We work hand in hand to help you both create and execute on a strategic plan of action that gets results. That being said, we don’t reinvent the wheel. If there are currently things you are doing that are working, we will help you apply those to the online world where everyone is paying attention.


What types of companies do we work with?

There’s a few scenarios in which we work with people. Industry and size don’t necessarily matter here.

1. An established, highly profitable company, but hasn’t done that through social media. As a member of upper management, you don’t have time or knowledge to do it but you have someone in-house that can start helping, but needs to know what to do.

2. A business that has a marketing team. Maybe they’ve been active on Social Media, maybe they haven’t. Either way, this marketing team is looking to make Social Media a larger part of their marketing mix.

3. You’ve grown your company this far, but the Social Media part was by dumb luck and has never been intentional. Now that you are profitable, you want to really step things up to the next level and you know Social Media done right is the path for you.

Get a Fail-Proof Strategic Plan of Action

Help focus your time on most effective activities

Capture the attention of your ideal customer

Accountability so you keep moving forward

Have questions? Looking for more than just a launch? Whether it’s help with ads, general social media strategy, or just want to collaborate, we can tailor a custom package specifically for your needs.

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