“Creating Look-A-Like Audiences”

After you’ve targeted existing warm traffic – then it’s time to start expanding your audience to people just like those that already purchase from you. Lookalike audience with Facebook Ads allows you to do just that – identify your most targeted prospects or customers, and then find more people just like those.

Tip #1

Place a pixel on your website

Facebook provides us with a pixel, or piece of code, that will help to track who is visiting your website and where they are going within the site. We can then take this information and create audiences based on where the visitors are landing within your site. This is especially useful when creating a look-a-like audience because Facebook will analyze your visitors and find you new, potential customers who are similar to the ones captured by your pixel!


Tip #2

Place your pixel early

You may be thinking that you want to place your pixel after your business gets going, but that is far from the most effective method. Best practice is to place your pixel right from the get go so that you can capture all of your customer’s information. This will help you when you’re retargeting your audience as well as will help to create the best version of your look-a-like audiences

Tip #3

Select the appropriate audience size

After setting the location of your look-a-like audience you will need to select the appropriate audience size. An audience size between 0-1 will give you the audience that most closely resembles your current customers or the people that are in your email list or in your pixel capture. An audience size between 1-2 will give you a larger list with less similarities to your original list. An audience size of 3 will give you an even larger audience with even less similarities to your original list, and so on.


Tip #4

For best results never set your audience size higher than a 3.

When we begin to run out of audiences to target we may be tempted to increase the audience size to higher than 3. We’re here to tell you not to! When your audience size starts to creep over 3, you start to lose some of the similarities between your customers and your new look-a-like audience. This will make it hard to hone into your target because your target will be so scattered. Keep it simple and limit the audience size to 3 or less, and you’ll be locking in on potential customers.