Facebook Live is the hottest thing on Social Media right now when it comes to connecting with your audience, creating value for your audience and getting your brand out into the world.

I have had the opportunity to teach and learn from some of the most amazing influencers that use Facebook LIVE to gain the attention of their audience.  As a result, I have created a simple step by step process to help you better understand how to market your business using Facebook LIVE.

Here are the 7 Steps you NEED to do before, during and after a Facebook LIVE event in order to make the event powerful.

Step #1 – LIVE Video Title

The Title of your Facebook LIVE event absolutely HAS to be catchy.  Something that would stop someone and make them think, “This would be beneficial for me to know.”  Do some research inside your audience, Facebook Groups you are part of to see what people are talking about, and then create the phraseology that will capture their attention.

Example – anything that has numbers i.e. 7 Step Ultimate Guide to Facebook Live Success, The 3 things you should NEVER do on Facebook, The 5 ways to attract more people to your business, The 9 things Facebook can do for you and your business, etc. 

Step #2 – Get to the POINT! 

Did you know that the average human being has an attention span of 7 seconds?  I know.. Crazy right?  So get to the point!  You have maybe 7-10 seconds when someone clicks to watch your Facebook LIVE event for someone to determine whether the information is relevant or not to them.  Remember – you put some good work into capturing their attention with the TITLE.  So don’t miss the opportunity to keep their attention.

Example – Hey guys, and welcome to this Facebook LIVE event where we will talk about _____.  That’s where you put the title of your VIDEO in. Think about the last podcast you listened to.  They always say… On this episode, we will talk about…  Keeps the attention of the listeners, so do the same with VIDEO!

Step #3 – Invite Engagement Early

The best thing you can do for your audience is to get them engaged as early as you can.  Immediately after you Get to the Point – give them something that will create engagement.  Remember – Facebook LOVES Engagement.  They will give you more exposure according to the engagement you get from your audience.

Example – Hey all, I’d love to know where you care joining me from.  Tell me the one thing you’d like to learn from this Facebook LIVE event today.  Drop a comment during this video of the nuggets you learned from this LIVE event! 

Step #4 – Ask a Question

Questions are a FANTASTIC way of engaging your audience.  These questions are strategically placed to set up the concepts you will be teaching.  I always try to find a question that correlates with the Facebook Live Title and then I pose the question to help my audience think how this concept relates to their life.

Example: Have you ever wondered how to make you Facebook LIVE events more effective?  Gain more followers using Facebook LIVE?  This might correlate with this lead magnet, The 7 Step Ultimate Guide to Facebook Live Success.

Step #5 – Teach through Experience

I have heard many times that Facts tell, stories sell.  If you are doing your Facebook LIVE events to provide education to the audience, make sure that you teach those concepts through your own personal experiences.  Make them relevant to you and to them.  This brings a whole new added level of authenticity and integrity.

Example: Share a personal story about the topic and how you grew your audience using Facebook Live events. 

Step #6 – Ask a Question Again

Now that you have them attached to you emotionally through your personal story or stories of other people connected to your business, ask a question to get them to take immediately action and not only think about how it applies to them, but more importantly, how they can take the information and apply it to their lives/business today to create more success.

Example: If Facebook Live events can attract more people to you and your business, what is one thing holding you back from doing Facebook LIVE?  What is the one thing that is holding you back from learning and growing more using Facebook Live events? 

Step #7 – Call to Action

NEVER, I repeat NEVER leave a Facebook live event without giving some sort of specific Call to Action.  A call to action is nothing more than asking people to do something, or take an action that will help them create more success based on the Facebook Live event you just performed.  The more you commit people to, ask them to change, the better off you will be.

Example: Type in the comments below…,  Go to this website for more information… Download a lead magnet by going to this website at…,  Join us for our LIVE event… 

That’s it.  Simple right?  The BONUS STEP I’ll give you is to be CONSISTENT in the process.  The more consistent you become the better!

Good luck!