How to create the perfect ad”

Much of the success of your ads comes down to the ad itself, the messaging, and the images. This week, we walk through creating the post text for the perfect Facebook ad.

Tip #1

Utilize attention grabbers

Your goal is to get people to actually look at your advertisement, right?! Here are some techniques that we’ve discovered work through our own trial and error.


  • Write to your audience
  • Ask a question
  • Make it conversational
  • Pretend like you are writing to 1 person
  • Create engagement
  • Be empathetic/ show vulnerability
  • Remember who you’re speaking to


If you can remember to at least use a few of those techniques in your ad copy, then chances are you will be pretty successful at getting the engagement that you want to create with your ad.


Tip #2

Make sure that the “see more…” comes up

The most important part of writing ad copy is to create attention grabbing, useful information. It doesn’t have to be long and you definitely don’t have to keep it short either. If you do have a substantial bit of ad copy and it runs over 3 paragraphs, then Facebook will automatically enter a “see more…” tab for your audience to click. This is a big key and can lead to more reach!

When someone clicks on the “see more…” tab of your ad copy, Facebook takes that as a good sign. It tells Facebook that your ad is interesting and in turn Facebook will reward it with more organic reach.

Tip #3

Leave the “see more… on a cliff hanger

When you are creating your ad copy realize that sometimes less is more in terms of paragraph structure. If we can manage to make our paragraphs short and to the point, we will most likely get more interested readers. After all, people aren’t on Facebook to read novels. Not only do we keep the readers more interested and engaged but we can really get a hold on the “see more…” tab and where it gets placed. If we can manage to leave the reader on a cliff hanger when the “see more…” tab comes up then we will most likely create more interest in them to dive deeper into your ads.

Its important to understand that the “see more…” tab will appear about at the end of the 3rd paragraph. Plan your copy accordingly!

Tip #4

Test, test, test

There are many rhymes and reasons why a Facebook advertisement could be either a big success or a big dud. By using some of the Tips & Tricks listed above, you should be on your way to a big return on your investment. If it doesn’t seem like an ad is responding the way that you anticipated or hoped for then just remember to keep testing different techniques. Sometimes, something as simple as selecting a different image can help to make your ad more successful. Keep tinkering around and analyzing your results to find the techniques that will work best for you and your customers.