“Retargeting Your Audience Using Facebook Ads Manager”

This week, we dive into the ads of a client and breakdown what he is doing very well, and what he could improve upon. By simply targeting “warm” traffic, it can make all the difference on the effectiveness of your campaigns. Here’s a few ways you can “retarget” warm traffic with Facebook Ads.


Tip #1

Warm traffic converts better than cold traffic

Customers who have been exposed to your brand will be more likely to click, browse, and buy. This concept is important to understand as you begin to target your audiences with well planned out advertisements. When you’re retargeting a warm audience, it may be time to up the ante with discounts or other incentives.

Tip #2

Add pixels to your website

A pixel is a piece of code that Facebook will provide you to analyze the traffic on your website. The pixel will reveal to you statistics about clicks, purchase behaviors, and audience information. Use the pixel to determine how to convert more of your visitors into more of your purchasers.

Tip #3

Create custom audiences

Use the “Audiences” tab in Facebook Ads Manager to create custom audiences based on website traffic, demographics, most recent visits, and much more. Understanding how to use this tool will give you a big boost in the effectiveness of your advertisements because you’ll be specifically reaching the people who your ad is targeted to.


Tip #4

Practice, practice, practice

Not every retargeting campaign will go perfect and likely a few won’t go great, but if you are persistent and smart about the placement of your advertisements, you should see some short and long-term success. Just remember to use the tips above and to experiment until you have found your perfect formula.