“Image vs Video Based Ads- Part 1- Image Ads”

By now it’s well known that video based ads will usually outperform our static image based ads, but that doesn’t mean that we should completely bag this tool that Facebook gives us. By using a few simple fundamentals, we can attract an audience to our images.


Tip #1

Use the 20% rule

Facebook allows its users to cover no more 20% of an image in an ad with text. They do this to ensure that their users are only seeing high quality content, but unless you have something to say that will get users to stop on your advertisement, you best leave it for the ad copy. Results have shown that typically the less text on an image, the better the interaction rate. Best practice with image based ads is to inset an image that will resonate with a potential customer and direct them to your ad copy. Make sure that the image and the ad copy complement each other and begin telling your story.

Tip #2

Ad-scent your campaigns

One of the things that can hinder your conversion rate is being inconsistent between your advertisements and your site. Once the user has clicked on your image based ad they are ready to see more of what they thought they were getting themselves into. You’ll want your landing pages to match the schemes of your ad as the customer goes through your website. There should be elements of your campaign that are congruent for the customer as they go through your sales funnel such as color scheme, images, font, etc.… Make the customer feel comfortable at all times, or they may smell something fishy and bolt.

Tip #3

Warm your audience up

Sometimes building brand awareness and interacting with your customers can have long term effects more impactful than an initial sale. I know that sounds crazy because our businesses need income to survive, but if we are portraying to our potential customers that all we are concerned with is the sale, they may just walk away from us. Try building an awareness campaign or an educational session to allow your customers to learn more about your business’s story. Not only should this bring more brand awareness but it should also create a good space for engagement and interaction. Once users are actively engaging in our ad sets, we can then direct them down the sales funnel that they now feel comfortable with.

Tip #4

Testing goes a long way

Not all ad sets are created equal. Sometimes a poorly done image based ad could outperform a professionally created video ad, but those results aren’t likely and are extremely uncommon. The key to this whole thing is to use your fundamentals to create a strong starting point and adjust from there. Try playing around with different types of images and consider using the carousel image option to showcase multiple images in your ads. Your followers will appreciate your diversity and your fresh takes will keep them coming back for more!


Insiders Tip

Places to find images


  • Canva
  • Pexels
  • Pixabay
  • Shutterstock