Growth, innovation, improvement, and success don’t simply come by mistake. 2017 didn’t lack it’s mistakes, but the 406% growth Strategic Social Partners experienced wasn’t one of them but was a result of accepting the many mistakes we made and rolling them into the success of big wins had through the year.
2017 was a banner year for many companies. The stock market had record gains, companies posted higher than expected earnings almost across the board but few experienced the type of growth that Strategic Social Partners did in 2017. It was truly a banner year and a turning point in the companies 6 year history.
Started as a sole-proprietorship in 2011 and officially founded in 2014 the growth curve has been on the uptick, until explosion in local, state and national growth began for this national yet localized up and coming Idaho company.
When founded it was a marketing service company, it has shifted and served multiple demands through the marketing industry but has held true to being a social media marketing and consulting agency. This non-wavering spirit has proven fruitful as the company grew a solid 406% in the 2017 calendar year.
These gains included serving nationwide clients spending localized budgets of $60,000 per month and returning monthly collected and deposited revenues of $250,000+. That’s a respectable return on investment in anybody’s eyes, even in the 2017 stock exchange…
Now, a $60,000 a month ad client isn’t the bread and butter for this Idaho based company but the client prepared to spend $1,500 plus has seen similar if not more impressive results as a percentage of increased revenue. In fact, 90% of clients for Strategic Social Partners are spending less than $5,000 and getting in front of tens of thousands of people, seeing thousands of engagements and returning 200% plus to their bank accounts in revenue.
Let’s face it! Social Media Marketing works! It is in the face of the average consumer 90+ minutes per day. The same attention that used to be spent watching TV, listening to the radio, reading the newspaper has shifted and social media has taken it by storm.
The beauty of what SSP and their team is doing is the fact that they give so much away. You can join their Integrative Marketing Webinar weekly on Thursdays at 11 am MST.  Click the image below to join the FREE weekly webinar.  Learn the ins and outs of Social Media for your business.

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Talk about a pretty fantastic value when it comes to having proven results, a solid team and resources galore to help you grow, build and amplify your business results.
Join the movement, it is here and it will change your business whether you join or don’t, for better or worse.
Cheers to another 406% growth in 2018!!