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Strategic Social Partners offers complete marketing solutions to help launch and grow your social platform, successfully manage your social ad campaigns, build automated sales funnels and ultimately catapult your sales. Why waste hours and hours trying to learn and execute this yourself, when you could have the professionals do it for you? Learn more about our services.

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Entrepreneurship is an ultra-competitive space, so while the testimonials below are real, we’ve kept our actual clients confidential

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An athletic gym was spending tens of thousands of dollars on advertising in previous years. With consulting and Facebook Ads management, in the first 6 months, we were able to help them spend $10,000 less on marketing, while creating $124,000 revenue above last year.

Northern Lights

A recreational farm contemplating closing it’s doors before the 2016 Corn Maze Season. With Facebook Ads management, we were able to nearly triple their revenue to $25,000 while spending only $500 on ads.

Dr. West

A local doctor hosted an event in Salt Lake City, with an ad spend over $3,000 in traditional marketing for the event. Less than 30 people attended the event. For the next event in Pocatello, ID (a smaller market) we helped them have a room full of over 50 people and only spent $750 ad spend using Facebook Ads.

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Streamlining your Business Process

Our own win this week. Streamlining our Processes!! – making the process easier – Create a questioner to help them answer questions for their own business – removing resistance – increasing quality of service For more tips to grow your business...

Google Analytics- Find your target traffic

With every business you need to find your target audience.  Any easy way to start is to grab Google Analytics for your site.  With Analytics you can learn demographics about your potential customers. Find your numbers Real time reporting number Where they live How...

Secrets behind 406% growth…Start now

Growth, innovation, improvement, and success don’t simply come by mistake. 2017 didn’t lack it’s mistakes, but the 406% growth Strategic Social Partners experienced wasn’t one of them but was a result of accepting the many mistakes we made and...

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